Picking – Packing applications

Order management system

An order can be inserted into the ERP system in many ways.

Managing and collecting the required materials can be a complex task; however, given that it is properly organized, it can save the company time and money.

STEP 1: Organizing Picking Tasks

The process of collecting orders starts with the organization of Picking orders, which can be sorted by floor, warehouse or even corridors in a warehouse.

STEP 2: Sorting items

Each station can control the picked item through a special screen.

STEP 3: Gathering order items from different warehouses or places

The items are collected at a central sorting point and placed in a special place per order until the collection of all items of the order is completed.

When all items of an order have been collected, the oroder automatically appears to have been completed in the ERP system.

STEP 4: Order pricing and shipping

The order is completed with its invoicing by the ERP system, which has been automatically informed of the completion of the Picking process by the application.

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