“PYTHAGORAS 2021” Competition of the Hellenic Mathematical Society

Διαγωνισμός ΠΥΘΑΓΟΡΑΣ 2021

Our company undertook the implementation of the online platform for the conduct of the “PYTHAGORAS” Pan-Hellenic student competition, run by the Hellenic Mathematical Society. The platform was designed specifically for the needs of HMS, concerning 3 sections:

  1. The application for the students’ registration by the examination centers
  2. The management application, accessible by the HMS administrators
  3. The application in which students were given access to the competition part.


15,500 students from all schools of the country enrolled in the competition.


Our company’s IT department was responsible for the web servers’ configuration for the competition, while the software department implemented the Online application.

Some of the functions of the Online application were the following:

  1. Student entry in a personalized exam Link
  2. Automatic recording of student steps so that there would be the possibility of recovery in case of an unexpected error on his part
  3. Automatic certificate of participation in the competition
  4. Display of specialized statistics to the system administrators
  5. Predetermined exam closing time and time “freezing” in case a student disconnects
  6. Automatic grading and checking of correct answers
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