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Parents’ briefing

The parents’ briefing application is an online application that can be integrated into the website of any tutoring center.

It consists of 3 parts – environments:

  1. The management environment,
  2. The assessment – grades input environment and
  3. The parental access environment.

Management environment

Through the management application, the administrator has full supervision over the system. He can correct assessments, register new ones for any student in any subject and monitor the entries’ progress by departments, classes, teachers, etc.

Statistics can be displayed in the form of modern and legible graphs.

This application is used by the supervisor of the educational unit (secretariat, owner, other person in charge).

Assessment and grades input environment

In this environment, access is available for the teachers of the educational unit. Each teacher has been assigned to the departments he teaches. In this environment, he can select his students and enter grades for them in the following:

  • Tests,
  • Exams,
  • Assessment of the month (verbal)

This environment functions additionally to the management environment and is needed if the educational unit wishes each teacher to enter his/her evaluations. Otherwise, this specific functionality also exists in the management environment.

Parental access environment

This is the environment in which parents can enter with their passwords and view the assessments and grades of their student. In case a parent has more than one student in the educational unit, the use of a shared password for the students is possible.

Indicative implementations:

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