Model website anastasopoulos-maths.gr

Πρότυπη ιστοσελίδα anastasopoulos-maths.gr

I-solutions successfully completed the model website anastasopoulos-maths.gr of the mathematics tutoring center “Nikos Anastasopoulos” in Corinth.

 Overview of the anastasopoulos-maths.gr website.

Student material.

The website of this tutoring center offers digital and interactive material to secondary school students of all grades. Each student has access to the material through personalized passwords. The material includes digital books (in the form of flipbooks), interactive books, live PowerPoint presentations, as well as interactive games modeled as quizzes with image, video, audio and automatic results.

Additional characteristics

Furthermore, through the website students are given the opportunity to:

  • Find and download past topics of Greece’s National exams
  • Find and download the answers and solutions of the topics of the National exams
  • Refer to university bases
  • Calculate their general average score through the online algorithm
  • Join an online lesson through the Zoom application

Parental briefing platform

Through this special application, parents have the opportunity to monitor the progress of their child online, viewing a) assessments b) exam scores c) statistics, so that they can have full briefing at any time.

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