Eneka Paideias: Installation of interactive screens in 2 tutoring centers in Glyfada

The secondary education tutoring centers “Eneka Paideias” in Glyfada, opt for our new 4K 65 “and 75” interactive screens for the equipment of their first classrooms.

The interactive screens, additionally to the Android system, possess a built-in PC with the new generation Iolaos software which offers the teacher many additional educational options.

The interactive screens have upgraded software in Greek,  as well as innovative characteristics such as:

  1. Screen division up to 3 distinct and autonomous parts
  2. QR-Code scan with all the course’s pages-tables on the mobile camera (without any special application)
  3. Pen with 2 tips and separate regulation for each tip (color – writing style) so as to change them faster during the lesson
  4. Increased internal disk capacity
  5. Selected educational applications

The teachers’ training in the new Iolaos software, which accompanies the screens, will soon follow.


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