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Entersoft Retail® is a stand-alone and contemporary software which constitutes the most fully developed proposal for retail and franchise chains. It provides hybrid online and offline functionality and is fully integrated with ERP, CRM and E-Commerce.

The software optimizes business processes from the supply chain management to the best experience and enhancement of the customer’s loyalty, contributes to a significant reduction of management costs and also improves the organization’s efficiency.

Entersoft Retail® supports the effective management of the company’s goods, processes, transactions and customer relationships, enhancing its strategic options.

Entersoft Retail
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Entersoft Retail®

The complete and immediate updating of retail outlets, along with the decided Commercial Policies, the Promotions that “run” both en masse in stores and selectively in distinctive regions for example, provide the flexibility required by the modern and highly dynamic retail.

Entersoft Retail® supports the entire business cycle, Orders, Receipts, Sales, Payments, Invoicing, Returns, multiple receipts costing, of Retail Vouchers’ collection and daily Z report. Strongly customizable reorder proposal from stores to headquarters and from headquarters to suppliers or directly to suppliers

Entersoft Retail® provides complete, rich and standardized Reporting per branch and cashier for any grouping of Items – Customers, sales analysis per hour, type, group, family of items, etc. It possesses a Desktop Gadget that enables direct store supervision. At the same time, it has integrated best practices and is designed in such a way as to be perfectly adaptable to the needs of each market without the need of time-consuming procedures performed by experts. In addition, it includes functionality for:

  1. Membership Card Management (Bonus Cards)
  2. Return Policies
  3. Stock Store Feedback Proposals
  4. Credit cards liquidation
  5. Point Of Sales Management
  6. Interface with Store Traffic systems
  7. Interface with ATM systems
  8. Interface with Electronic Shelf Label systems
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