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Entersoft Business Suite® is the complete and integrated Entersoft business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and Business Intelligence applications.

The Entersoft Business Suite® supports the business’s strategic development, creates the knowledge required for the business to measure up to its present and future, optimizes costs and business processes and encourages timely and effective decision making. An up to date, expandable and flexible business software that allows the organization to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in its business environment, improving its efficiency and enhancing its competitive advantage.

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Εφαρμογές μηχανογράφησης
Εφαρμογές μηχανογράφησης - Entersoft Business

Entersoft Business Suite® allows the management and monitoring of multiple corporate dimensions, while at the same time supporting multi-corporate organization in a single Database. The software directly provides detailed information, reports, Dashboards and B.I. analysis for the whole of the company’s activities in real time.

Entersoft Business Suite® aims at modern medium and large enterprises and groups of companies that want to turn the use of high technology into a competitive business advantage.

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